The Summer 2017 Issue ‘Waves’ Is Now Online!

The Summer 2017 Issue ‘Waves’ Is Online! Thanks to all of our writers!

  1. Liquid Crystals: A New State of Matter That’s Making Waves by Gabby Escalante
  2. Terahertz (THz) Imaging: Seeing Through the Opaque by Eva Cai
  3. Trump Should Stick to Spray-Tans by Vismaya Kharkar
  4. First Steps: Simulating the Migratory Patterns of Early Humans by Ryan Cimmino
  5. The Shrub of the Future by Eliane Grace
  6. Brainwaves on LSD by Connie Cai
  7. Searching for Gold (Nanoparticles) by Amy Jia
  8. Surfing Meets Science by Wesley De Silvestro
  9. The Power of Brain Waves by Sonia Chen
  10. Too Much Light at Night, Right? by Sanjana Narayanan
  11. Using Ultrasound Waves to Treat Parkinson’s Disease by Leon Yang
  12. Decoding Facial Recognition: A Revolution in Neuroscience by Alyssa Britton
  13. A Computing Revolution: A Step Towards Realizing Quantum Computing by Bryan Lee