Six-Word Stories


agarose gel
Photo by Mac Schumer, “Gel Reflections.”

Since Ernest Hemingway’s famous one (“for sale: baby shoes, never worn”), six-word stories have captured the essence of brevity. This month, Brevia explores the world of research through the lens of these condensed narratives.

  1. Discovery: (noun)
    curiosity’s fruit
    tenacity’s reward

  1. Printer features:
    color scanning
    organ production

  1. Quad amputee:
    double transplant
    single miracle

  1. Research: (verb)
    chasing shadows
    seeking light

  1. Major drug
    side effect:
    major profits

Stories by Charissa Iluore. Charissa is the Brevia Features editor, and can be reached at

Introduction by Jessi Glueck. Jessi is the Brevia managing editor, and can be reached at