Important Brevia Basics – Summer 2017



What is Brevia?

Brevia is a forum for science, culture and other big ideas. We are committed to bringing all disciplines of research out of the ivory tower and into the discourse of the interested public. Through our opinion, features, and primary research articles, we explore the myriad connections in the world of intellectual endeavor. Our stories are brief because we want to make knowledge accessible and interesting, providing a palette of perspectives on the world around us.

We publish in print once per semester, and online more frequently. Our website is

What kinds of articles does Brevia publish?

  1. Primary research–brief, interesting summaries of original research that you did. More fun than an abstract and meant to be comprehensible to a non-specialist. 500-800 words.
  2. Features–a description of research that is not your own (e.g. a research study published in an academic journal) in terms that a non-specialist can understand and appreciate. A features piece may involve an interview with researcher(s), and/or a summary of their work. 500-800 words.
  3. Opinion–make an evidence-based argument about the ethical or societal implications of a new discovery, policy or trend in research. 500-800 words.

Does Brevia have guidelines for writing articles?

Yes, specifically ethics and citation guidelines! These apply to all kinds of articles and can be found here.

Additionally, tips for writing each type of Brevia story can be found here.

What different kinds of opportunities are there on Brevia?

As a member of Brevia, you can write articles, take pictures, help with page and web site designs, or all of the above!

What is Brevia’s writing process like?

Once your article has been selected for inclusion in the next issue of Brevia, you will be assigned a section editor and a set of deadlines. You’ll work closely with that section editor to get your story in good shape; then, the story goes to Jessi Glueck and Alan Yang, the co-editors-in-chief, for finishing touches. During the Spring of 2017, you will work on an issue of Brevia that will come out in Fall 2017.

Whom should I contact if I have questions?

For most questions, you’re welcome to contact Jessi Glueck and Alan Yang, Co-Editors in Chief, at

What is the theme for the Summer 2017 issue?

In each issue, we have a theme. We would like many articles to be at least tangentially related to the theme for this issue, but if you cannot come up with an idea for the theme, feel free to write on a topic of general interest. The theme for the Summer 2017 issue is waves! Below is a description of the theme and some possible story ideas. But please, feel free to get creative.


Sound waves, EKG waves, hydraulic energy, waves of invention/research, literature/poetry related to water, oceanography, Internet surfing