Primary Research Submissions Undergraduates explain the implications of their original research.

Can the Madwoman Speak?: A Comparative Surrealist Perspective
Edith Benavides, English Literature

Using Resveratrol to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease
Michelle Guo, Molecular and Cellular Biology

British Subjects, Not Citizens
Barbara Halla, Economics

If Nature Can Keep Clean Without Chemicals, Why Can’t We?
Zainub Dhanani, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Hope after Eden: Creation and Identity in Paradise Lost
Jessi Glueck, English Literature

Killing Cancer without Killing the Cell
Nishant Kakar, Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology

Features Brevia writers tell us the stories behind the work of leading researchers around Harvard.

Summer Findings

Top Five Science Stories This Summer                                                    Nisreen Shiban

What Keeps Us Counting Sheep                                                               Alexandra Ding

Honoring “The Greatest Naturalist of Our Time”                                Jessica Herrmann

Perplexing Properties of Cell Motion                                                      Shreya Vardhan

Monkeying Around                                                                                      Natalia Wojcik

Student Voices

Made in Bangladesh: Shengxi Li ’15 Pursues Justice                             Charissa Iluore

Topkar ’16 at the Intersection of Math and Biology                                     Layla Stahr

Kraft ’17 Lays Groundwork for New Field in Chemistry                        Caroline Juang

Researcher Profiles

Big Data Comes to Boston                                                                  Lindsay Overhage

Philip Lasser ‘85: Weaving Music as Tapestry                                              Auburn Lee

Chien Laboratory: At the Forefront of Cardiac Research                            Jenna Zhang

Kennedy Warne: Why Steinbeck Got It Wrong                                     Megan Bernhard

Getting a Handle on Malaria                                                                         Michelle Guo

Six Harvard Faculty Receive Prestigious Funding                              Sahar Ashrafzadeh

Opinion Brevia writers weigh in on science, politics, and the ivory tower.

Education: Are Students Doing Research for the Right Reasons?

The Rise of the Science Competition                                                          Michelle Guo

Out of the Box and Into the Spotlight                                                         Jenna Zhang

In Search of Synergy                                                                                     Jessi Glueck

The Student: Neither Here Nor There                                                             Lily Zhang

Science for Science’s Sake                                                                       Alexandra Ding

Democracy: How Much Should the Public Control the Science of the Union?

The Public Access Predicament                                                                   Layla Stahr

In Science We Trust?                                                                                  Kavya Pathak

Maximizing Utility, Minimizing Cost                                                      Charissa Iluore

Is Going Upstream the Best Way Forward?                                           Mahnoor Khan

Technology: Do TED Talks Dumb Us All Down?

Collaborations, Internet Style                                                                      Kelwen Peng

Dumbing Down Research: How “Facts” Can Go Wrong                              Auburn Lee

Drawbridges to the Ivory Tower                                                             Shreya Vardhan

TED Talks Too Mainstream for Scientists?                                                Nishant Kakar


The Conundrum of Organ Donation                                                   Osaremen Okolo

Night and Day: Tea for Insomniacs                                                          Meg Bernhard

Learning and Teaching through Social Engagement        Prof. Evelyn B. Higginbotham