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Primary Research

The pilot power plant where Virbin's research is being conducted. Photo by Prashant Ranganath.

Primary Research: Capture the Carbon

Capture the Carbon: Decreasing CO2 Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants By Virbin Nath A. Sapkota Coal fired power plants produce more than a …


Refined Connections

“However, many developing neurons initially overextend their axons to inappropriate regions of the brain.”


Genes and Lasers

“This is equivalent to taking a thin string that stretches from the ground to the top of the empire state building, and coiling it up so that it fits inside a sesame seed!”


Lost in Translation

“The luciferase reporter system consists of a set of genes that produce a luminescent protein—the same kind of protein that makes fireflies glow on a summer evening.”

water droplet

Follow the Water

Rushang R. Dave describes researches solutions to water scarcity in the Valsad area of South Gujarat.