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The Internal Asymmetry of the Human Body

“Understanding the internal order of the human body can help explain the determinants of organ-related structural diseases, which in turn can lead to better healthcare and, potentially, more effective treatment.”


Matter Outdoes AntiMatter

“…researchers have provided a mechanism to help explain how the initial symmetry between matter and antimatter particles in the early universe was replaced by the asymmetry we observe today.”


Can We Redirect the Arrow of Time?

“Very few have figured out how to undo the effects of reactions that have progressed to a low entropy state. One exception is a team of researchers from the University of California, Irvine, the University of Western Australia and Flinders University, who have found a way to flip the direction of time’s arrow: they have unboiled an egg.”


Storms from the Sun: Why We’re Not Ready

“We are not giving solar storms the attention they deserve, and the more we prolong this, the more susceptible we are to devastation when a particularly strong storm hits Earth.”


Lost in Translation

“The luciferase reporter system consists of a set of genes that produce a luminescent protein—the same kind of protein that makes fireflies glow on a summer evening.”

agarose gel

Six-Word Stories

“This month, Brevia explores the world of research through the lens of these condensed narratives.”