Brevia: Summer 2014


Brevia summer
Image courtesy of Dr. Robert Glueck.

Whether you were at home or having adventures abroad; whether you enjoyed sunsets on the beach or pulled all-nighters in a lab; whether you spent time writing or sleeping or making music or building relationships, your summer probably had one thing in common with mine: it seemed short. These long days slip through our fingers like quicksilver, and with August comes the feeling that time has inexplicably sped up.

In the realm of research, as perhaps not in the realm of summer vacations, brevity often feels like a godsend. Anyone who’s ever done it will know the thrill of discovering that the standard text on a topic isn’t as enormous as you thought it would be, or the excitement of learning to complete a painstaking technique in half the time. And at our publication, whose name is Latin for “brief things,” we view brevity as a tool for accessibility, a way for readers to interact with all areas of intellectual endeavor without having to become experts.

Maybe there’s something beautiful, after all, about brevity itself: about packing complex concepts into 800 words or accruing a year’s worth of memories in three short months. When we pare things down to their essences, we purify and enrich them. I hope you will find such pure, enriching material as you explore our summer theme: “Brevia: all things brief, transient and small.”

 Jessi Glueck is the managing editor of Brevia. She can be reached at


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